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FileMaker TechNet and Business Alliance Members: 

We have written Absolute Accounting specifically for you. It is designed to integrate into the FileMaker invoicing and purchase systems you have already developed for your clients. Designed by developers for developers, it enables quick and easy integration. In exclusive distribution for over three years, Absolute Accounting is now in general release.

With our experienced technical support you can use Absolute Accounting to increase your billing and keep your clients in the FileMaker environment we all know and love.

Please see our main Absolute Accounting page for product information.

How do I get it to work?

We have made Absolute Accounting as easy to use as possible, however, integrating FMP business systems and converting existing accounting data can be a complex process.

We offer expert tech support to assist you at every step of the way. We're experts at bringing new accounting systems on-line -- dealing with beginning balances and coordinating the switch over. Unless you are experienced at accounting installations, we strongly recommend that you purchase a support package. FSA Members can resell their discounted support to their clients.

Software Pricing / User Options:

No. of Licensed Users

Cost of Software

Add One to make Two

$3,000 includes 3 hours of support

Add Two to make Three

$5,500 includes 5 hours of support

Add Three to make Four

$7,500 includes 10 hours of support

Tech Support Pricing:


MSR Price

FSA Discount Price













We do not offer free tech support.

Give It a Try! (Absolute Accounting requires FileMaker Pro v8 to run)

Download the Demo with sample data

What if I just want Absolute Advantage to do the Integration and Conversion?

Integration: For a typical system, integration starts at $2,000

Data conversion:

  • MYOB and QuickBooks -- $1,500
  • Great Plains Accounting and others -- $2,500+

Tell me again what I'm getting?

  • Incredible multi-user accounting package for $7,500 (4 users)
  • Superlative support from Absolute Advantage, Inc.

 What if I need more than four users?

After a client purchases 4 users (in any fashion -- one $7,500 purchase or a $3,000 plus a $5,500, etc.) then packs of 3 users may be added for $1,000 per pack of three.

Ongoing Maintenance Fees

Multi-user versions have a required yearly license and maintenance fee of $250 per user; maximum $1,000 per year.

Let's See It! Sample Screen Shot:

FileMaker Accounting Screen Shot

     So what do I do next?

Download the Demo.
More questions? Send an email to
Absolute Accounting.


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