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As the leading FileMaker Pro developers in the Los Angeles area, the Absolute Advantage Guys regularly make presentations to other consultants and professional organizations. They maintain their cutting edge knowledge with professional memberships, seminars and more.

Locally, the Absolute Advantage Guys are involved with FMDiSC -- Filemaker Developers in Southern California. Bob and Randy also contribute to the Tips and Tricks column in FileMaker® Pro Advisor!

Bob Gossom - President, Senior Partner, Absolute Advantage
Professional Organizations
FileMaker Solutions Alliance
Directors Guild of America

Committee Membership
FMDiSC Tips & Tricks Committee Chair
FMDiSC Topics Committee Member

FMDiSC Panel: "My Biggest Mistake" - 2003

FileMaker Developers Conference 2008 and 2010
    -How to Design for 1,000,000 Records
    -Defensive Programming
Multiple FMDiSC Case Studies and Presentations

Randy Lawrence - Vice President, Partner, FileMaker Wizard/Senior Consultant, Absolute Advantage
Professional Organizations
FileMaker Solutions Alliance

Committee Membership
FMDiSC Topics Committe Member
FMDiSC Topics Committee Chair

Multiple FMDiSC Case Studies and Presentations

FileMaker Advisor
    "Scripting Complex Finds"

Together, Bob and Randy Presented
FMDiSC "Accounting Integration" - Spring 2002 and FMDiSC Case Study -Absolute Accounting



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