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What the heck is ERP?
Enterprise Resource Planning is what major corporations call it when they make all of their office and factory computer systems "talk" to each other. Companies pay hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars to accomplish this.
Why do I care? (as in: I don't have millions of dollars!)
If you are like most businesses, you've built up a hodge-podge of mini "solutions" over the years. A contact database here, form letters there, invoicing across the hall, with accounting playing constant catchup. What if they all lived in the same world?
That's what we do!
We can move all aspects of your business into an integrated system. Data gets entered once, and is moved automatically where it needs to go. Information and reports are available in real-time. You get what you need, when you need it. While these integrated systems can still cost $5K - $30K, if it makes your employees just 10% more efficient, allows you to grow faster with less additional staff, or reduces your on-hand inventory requirements, the system can pay for itself almost immediately.
ERP for the rest of us!
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