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Advisor Tip: Use Multiple Portals to Aid Development
-- By Randy Lawrence
Do you ever create an intricate layout with a portal during development, only to find that during testing you have to make the portal temporarily wider to add fields for programming and testing, then size it back when you're done?
FileMaker Pro® Advisor Magazine - June 2003

Advisor Tip: Easy Portal Entry Without Scrolling to the Last Record
-- By Bob Gossom
Portals are great, but entering new data in them can be a pain. This trick transforms the entry process.
FileMaker Pro® Advisor Magazine - February 2003

Advisor Tip: Automate Layout Changes
-- By Randy Lawrence
Do you ever make layout changes in a non-served copy of your solution and want an easy way to update the served files without shutting the server down?
FileMaker Pro® Advisor Magazine - June 2001

Advisor Tip: Faux Type Ahead
-- By Bob Gossom
Here's a way to mimic type-ahead functionality with FileMaker Pro.
FileMaker Pro® Advisor Magazine - April 2001

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