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What is search engine optimization?

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What is "search engine optimization"?
 Quite simply, it is making sure that a web site has the right words, tags and content that allow search engine "spiders" to properly "crawl" the site and include it in that search engine's database and put it where other people can find it.
What do you mean by "proper submission" to search engines and directories?
Each search engine and directory may have differing rules and guidelines for submitting and accepting websites. Some charge a fee; some are free. Some accept all submissions, some do not and are are very selective. Many have agreements with other search engines and directories to "power" or provide results for other directories and engines. We understand how all this works and will consult with you to determine the best engines and directories for your business and the best strategy for getting the listings you desire.
Can you find your web site? Can your clients, customers and users?
When you search for your website by business name, does it show up? How about when you search by subject or type of business? Most people won't scroll through pages and pages of results; they'll look at the first few results and either choose what they want or try an altogether new search. If you want people to find your website, then search engine optimization may be right for you.
Read more about it!
Do you want to know more about how people use search engines and which ones are the most popular? Take a look at these links from Search Engine Watch , a site devoted to all things search engine!
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