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“We are deploying an enterprise wide solution across all 500 Temple employees and needed a proven accounting environment. Absolute Accounting also provides easy integration with our other programming, and the company is giving us great support.”

Anton Anderson, President of Productivity Consulting,
Working with Absolute Advantage to develop
a FileMaker Pro solution to coordinate all Temple activities at
Stephen S. Wise Temple, Los Angeles, 2002

"Absolute Accounting saves me hours every week. I can't believe how easy it is to use, compared to Great Plains."
Brett Saunder, CFO, Party Planners West

"It is a pleasure to work with consultants that actually know accounting. Absolute Advantage made us look good!"
Kathy Amundson, Accounting Consultant

"I suggested to a client that they call Absolute Advantage for their accounting solution. A month later the client called me, with a thank you!"
Jonathan Reff, FileMaker Developer

"Absolute Accounting is so much easier to use than MYOB!"
Teresa Ramirez, Accounts Receivable

"Absolute Advantage really understood my accounting needs. Their professionalism has been very valuable."
Neal Bass, CEO

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